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Welcome to The Saroyan Law Firm.  My firm helps clients going through some of the most difficult times in their lives, concentrating on divorce, custody and parenting timepost–decree modifications, and other family law matters, and defending family members against criminal charges, including DUI and DWAI, domestic violence, drug charges, theft and robbery, speeding and reckless driving charges, and other felonies and misdemeanors (both at trial and on appeal).  We proudly represent military members and their families who are appealing the denial of veteran’s benefits, including VA disability, survivor, and pension benefits.

I have represented more than 1,500 clients worldwide and have been awarded an AV rating from Martindale-Hubble, an award given to fewer than 5% of attorneys in the nation.  This rating is based on reviews from both judges and attorneys regarding my legal abilities and ethics.

Prior to founding The Saroyan Law Firm, I served in the United States military for over eight years and was ranked as one of the top 4 Trial Defense Attorneys and the # 1 Appellate Defense Attorney worldwide by the United States Air Force (out of approximately 1200 officers).  Because of my experience and deep understanding of trials and appeals, I was selected by the chief judge of a federal court to be his senior legal advisor after I separated from the military, where I served until the chief judge’s retirement.

If you or a family member is facing a difficult time, please call our Colorado Springs law office at (719) 219-6336.  I offer a free 30-minute consultation, and all matters at The Saroyan Law Firm are handled on a flat-fee basis.


DUI & DWAI Representation

Illegal Stops.
Improper Police Procedures.

When fighting a DUI, DUI-D, or DWAI, it is critical to look for errors the police often make. I fight on behalf of my clients by searching for these mistakes and then seeking dismissals, not guilty verdicts, and other successful outcomes for clients charged with drunk and impaired driving, including drivers under age 21.


Don’t Ignore Your Ticket!

With an affordable fixed-fee, I seek a better outcome for my clients than their just paying the ticket. This includes working to reduce the charge(s) and/or points. In addition to saving you money on the front-end, it can also limit higher insurance costs.

Learn More: SpeedingReckless Driving

Domestic Violence

Don’t Accept the Police Officer’s Version of What Happened.

In domestic violence cases, the police often rush to judgment and make arrests without sufficient evidence. I vigorously defend the rights of my clients and confront the government’s evidence, seeking to show how and why the police got it wrong.


Constitutional Rights Are Often Violated Through Illegal Seizures

I seek dismissal of all charges whenever possible, and challenge the prosecution on every turn in fighting for a successful outcome for my clients.

The Consequences Resulting From a Sex Crime Conviction Can Be Devastating

I understand. I provide a “no-holds barred” approach in providing representation to clients charged with sex crimes.


Other Felonies and Misdemeanors

When your freedom and reputation are on the line, it’s time for a dedicated and experienced attorney who will go all out to protect you.


After a Conviction, Get the Help You Need

Having represented clients and advised other attorneys, including a federal appeals judge, on more than 1000 appellate cases, I know what it takes to appeal criminal convictions successfully. Give me a call to discuss how to increase your chances for a successful outcome.


My focus is on achieving my client’s objectives in divorce in a cost-effective manner, finding creative and effective solutions for both mediations and trials. The Saroyan Law Firm will help you through this difficult time, so you can focus on moving forward.


Spending quality time with your children is critical. I help parents seeking custody and parenting arrangements that will work best for both them and their children.


Sometime circumstances change following divorce which may necessitate changes to divorce agreements. I help clients who are seeking or opposing changes.

Are You Going Through a Divorce?

If so, I can help you through all matters, including:

The resolution of these matters will affect you for years – let me help you get the best outcome possible.

If You’ve Been Charged with a Crime, Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • It does not cost any more to retain a lawyer at the outset of your case.
    Representation is on a fixed-fee basis. The earlier The Saroyan Law Firm is retained, the earlier I can begin protecting your rights!
  • Call me before calling a bail bondsman.
    I will seek to have a monetary bond eliminated or significantly reduced whenever possible, which can result is a huge savings.
  • Prosecutors want to convict. My role is to vigorously oppose these efforts and to preserve your legal innocence.

You have the right to remain silent – please exercise this right.

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