Colorado Court Fees in Family Law and Domestic Relations Cases

To figure out how much a family law case will cost you, it is important to know many factors.  One of them is how much your filing fees will cost.  As of March 2017, here is the latest fee schedule for family law cases in Colorado.

Filing Cost

Petition for:

·      Dissolution of Marriage or Civil Union;

·      Legal Separation;

·      Declaratory Judgement

Petition to prevent removal of a child $224.00


Internenor (i.e., adding a new party) $223.00
Petition for Allocation of Parental Responsibilities $222.00
Response to any of the above $116.00
Registration of:

·      Child-custody determination

·      Expedited Child-Custody Determination

·      Enforcement of Child Custody

·      Support order

Motion to modify, amend or alter decree or order that is more than 60 days old $105.00
Motion to modify final or permanent order concerning parentage with DNA results $70.00


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