Colorado Springs Misdemeanor Lawyer

In Colorado, there are two basic classifications for criminal offenses – felonies and misdemeanors.  Felonies are considered more serious, and generally are punishable with prison sentences and/or significant fines. Misdemeanors are generally less serious and the maximum punishments typically involve shorter periods of incarceration (if any) in a local county jail and/or a smaller fine.

Is a Crime a Misdemeanor or Felony?

Some crimes in Colorado involving similar situations – such as drug possession – may be classified as either a felony or misdemeanor based on the circumstances involved.  As an example, possessing more than a certain amount of a prohibited drug may increase the charge from a misdemeanor to a felony. Similarly, possessing one type of illegal drug may be classified as a misdemeanor, while possessing the same amount of another illegal drug may be a felony.

The Importance of Reducing a Charge from a Felony to a Misdemeanor

There can be a significant difference between a felony and a misdemeanor charge beyond the potential of incarceration and the amount of the fine – namely the ability to not have to list a felony conviction on a job application.  In representing clients charged with crimes, not only do I work tirelessly to prevent conviction, but if a plea bargain becomes the best (and chosen) strategy for a client, I also seek to minimize the effect of the conviction in other areas of my clients’ lives by getting the lowest classification of crime possible.

In doing so, I always assist my clients in becoming familiar with Colorado’s laws on sealing and expungement. These laws can provide a “second chance” for those convicted of certain crimes by allowing them to have their public record wiped clean if certain conditions are met.

Sealing and expungement are not, however, available for all criminal convictions; thus before a plea bargain is accepted, consideration should be given as to whether a conviction can be sealed or expunged at a later date.

How I Help Those Charged with Misdemeanors

If you or a family member has been charged with a misdemeanor or other crime in Colorado, I can help.  Having been a former federal prosecutor and ranked as the # 4 Criminal Trial Defense Attorney worldwide in the United States Air Force (as well as the #1 Appellate Defense Counsel), I am meticulous and determined to use all efforts in seeking to preserve the legal innocence of my clients.

I offer free consultations and represent all my clients on a fixed-fee basis.  I invite you to call my office or to contact me through submitting the contact form below.