If you have received a traffic or parking citation from the City of Colorado Springs, here is what you can expect to pay.

No one likes getting a traffic or parking ticket.  But a good lawyer can often get the offense and the points reduced.  However, the fine is generally set in stone.  Here is what you can expect to pay if you receive a ticket from the City of Colorado Springs Police Department.  For a complete list of all fines for all types of traffic offenses, you can download the Colorado Springs fine schedule here.

Traffic Fines in Colorado Springs

The following is a summary of the most common traffic offenses and the associated fines. Note that if the offense occurs in a school zone or a construction zone, the fines are doubled.

Offense Code Fine Points
Reasonable and prudent speed 10-5-101 $95 3
Unposted speed limits (1-4 over) 10.5.102A $10-$40 0
Unposted speed limits (5-9 over) 10.5.102B $50-$90 1
Unposted speed limits (10-19 over) 10.5.102C $100-$190 4
Unposted speed limits (20-39 over) 10.5.102D (Note:  Anything 25 and over is considered reckless driving in Colorado.) Mandatory Court Appearance; Fine $200 plus court fees/costs 6
Unposted speed limits (40+ over) 10.5.102E Mandatory Court Appearance; Fine $200 plus court fees/costs 12
Speed contest 10.5.107B1 Mandatory Court Appearance; Fine $250 plus court fees/costs 12
Speed exhibition 10.5.107B2 Mandatory Court Appearance; Fine $200 plus court fees/costs 5
Reckless driving 10.6.101 Mandatory Court Appearance; Fine $200 plus court fees/costs 8
Careless driving 10.6.102 $150 4
Failure to signal 10.7.102 $70 2
Crosswalk right of  way 10.18.102 $100 4
Running a red light (i.e., obedience to official devices). 10.17.102 $100 4
Failure to stop at stop sign 10.3.101B $120 4
Failure to yield at yield sign 10.3.101C $120 3
Failure to stop for school bus 10.4.107 Mandatory Court; Up to $300, first offense; $1000 second offense. 6
Unsafe passing 10.8.103/104 $100 4
Tailgating (i.e. following too closely) 10.8.106 $100 4
Disobeying turn / U-turn 10.7.106/107 $80 3
Car insurance (Owner and Operator) 10.28.101A/B Mandatory Court:  $400 first offense/$500 second offense 4
Failure to use seat belts 10.23.116 $50 0
Child restraint systems (i.e., car/booster seats) 10.23.117 Mandatory Court; Min fine of $82 0
Broken headlight 10.22.102 $50 1
Failure to use headlights 10.22.103 $60 2
Unsafe vehicle 10.22.101 $100 2
Spilling load on street or highway 10.20.104 $80 0
Parking in no parking zone 10.12.101P $50 0
Expired parking meter 10.15.104C $20 0
Unattended vehicle 10.11.103 $60 0
Parking in handicapped spot 10.13.103 $350 0

If you need assistance with a traffic violation, please contact my office for a free initial consultation.  I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your case with you and let you know how we can best help.  All traffic violation cases are billed on a flat fee basis, so there are never any surprises.


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