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Providing Zealous Defense for Those Charged with Drunk/Drugged Driving and Driving While Impaired

Driving Under the Influence (DUI and DUI-D) and Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) are the terms used in Colorado to describe driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and while your abilities are impaired by alcohol and/or drugs.

Having been ranked as one of the best trial defense counsel in the fast-paced criminal trial world of the United States Air Force, I offer clients years of experience and have represented more than 1,500 clients in both trial and appellate matters.

In Colorado, the penalties for DUI and DWAI convictions can be severe, and can include incarceration, fines, and driver’s license suspension and revocations. If you’ve been charged with DUI or DWAI, I invite you to contact me immediately for a free consultation and to learn how my firm can help you or a family member through this very difficult time.

Fixed Fee Representation

My firm represents clients on a fixed-fee basis. This means that the fee will be determined at the beginning so you know, up-front, what to expect. Because of this, it does not cost any more to retain my services at the beginning of your case than it does to retain me later in the process.  And the sooner I can begin representing you, the better off you and your case will be, because I can begin investigating your charges and protecting your rights immediately.

Juvenile DUI and DWAI

Juvenile DUI and DWAI charges not only involve impaired driving, but typically also charges of underage drinking and sometimes charges of drug possession.

If your son or daughter was charged with drunk driving (and possibly underage drinking), it will be in your child’s best interest to secure a vigorous defense to minimize the chances that your child’s future will be adversely impacted – and not just legally.  Oftentimes, such charges can affect admission into college or, if already in college, your child may face administrative penalties from the university.

Please give me a call.  Once I know the facts and circumstances of your child’s case, I can explain how I can help and can answer your questions concerning fees, possible defense strategies, and the potential consequences of the charges.

My Role is to Preserve the Legal Innocence of Clients

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  At the Saroyan Law Firm, my focus is on treating every client respectfully, and working tirelessly on their behalf to achieve the best outcome possible.

As a former federal prosecutor and a top defense attorney in the United States Air Force,  I bring the experience of representing more than 1,500 clients at every level of the criminal process, including before the United States Supreme Court.  As a former senior legal advisor to a federal chief judge, I have also gained experience in understanding how judges often think and what they often consider important.

In representing my clients, I challenge the prosecution and their evidence at every turn. With respect to DUI and DWAI charges, this commonly includes matters such as:

  • Determining whether there was a legally valid basis for making a traffic stop;
  • Determining whether there is a basis for excluding the prosecution’s evidence (such as a lack of probable cause), which could result in the exclusion of breathalyzer results or other alcohol or drug testing that was taken;
  • Determining whether a client was properly informed of his or her rights, and seeking to exclude statements that may have not been properly obtained; and
  • Reviewing any video that may exist, including video supporting the conclusion that no violation of the law occurred.

Seeking Case Dismissal or Reduced Penalties

As with all criminal charges, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side to increase your chances of a successful outcome. For drunk driving charges, if there is reason to exclude evidence, I will be asking the court and/or the prosecution to do so.

In most cases, if there was not a legally valid basis for making a traffic stop, our criminal justice system requires that the case be dismissed, because the evidence obtained as a result of the stop is typically inadmissible. In such cases, I request that the prosecution dismiss the charges immediately.

In other cases, the prosecution may have weak evidence. When this occurs, it presents the chance to either take the case to trial or to negotiate a strong plea deal.  Regardless of which strategy is chosen, my role is to work relentlessly to achieve the best result possible.

Will I go to Jail if I’m Arrested for Drunk Driving in Colorado? What are the Penalties for DUI and DWAI?

Generally, the first through third DUI offense in Colorado is charged as misdemeanors if no property damage or bodily injury results. However, if there is a death or bodily injury, involved in the incident, a felony DUI charge is likely.

Colorado has several penalties for a DUI or DWAI convictions. As one might suspect, the penalties range in severity based on several factors, including (but not limited to):

  • How intoxicated was the defendant?
  • Does the defendant have any previous convictions of DUI, DWAI, or other criminal charges (and if so, when were how long ago was the most recent conviction)?
  • Was anyone injured or killed, or any property damaged, because of the incident?
  • Is the defendant under age 21?

The criminal penalties in Colorado for DUI and DWAI include potential jail time, probation, fines, and public service.  Additionally, there are administrative penalties that can include points added to a driver’s record and license suspension or revocation. 

Click for a review of the potential penalties.

Call Me to Schedule an Appointment at Your Earliest Convenience

When I meet with you and learn about the specific matters of your charge, I can advise you as to the potential punishment applicable to your case.  I offer a free consultation, so you can learn about the legal aspects of your charge, and how I can best represent you if retained. I accept criminal defense cases on a fixed-fee basis and, because of this, it does not cost you anymore to retain my firm at the beginning of your case.