Colorado Springs Family Law

The Family Law practice of the Saroyan Law Firm is devoted to helping clients with a variety of matters, including:

We Understand Not Every Divorce or Family Law Issue is the Same

Like people, every family law matter is different.  It is important to select a law firm that understands those differences and is able to skillfully adjust strategies that meet the client’s goals with the minimum amount of stress, difficulty, and expense.  This includes mediating and collaborating when possible, while always being ready to take issues to trial if necessary.

You Need an Attorney Looking Out for Your Long-Term Interests

The most important role I have as a family law attorney is looking out for my client’s long-term interests and goals, both financial and emotional. This is done by guiding my client’s through the family law process, explaining each step, and helping them understand the options they have.  Once those options have been discussed and the client decides how they wish to proceed, my role is to advocate strongly and find creative solutions to achieve the desired outcome.

Please Call Me to Learn How I Can Help

I offer a free 30-minute consultation, and  all matters at the Saroyan Law Firm use flat-fee billing, so you know how much your matter will cost up-front and with no surprises. Once I understand the nature of your matter, I can explain how I can help and the options that may be available.