Limited Representation Services

Increasingly, many people facing a family law matter (including divorce and child custody) are choosing to represent themselves rather than retaining an attorney.  However, even in cases in which a person chooses to represent themselves, there may be instances in which the opinion or advice of an attorney may be helpful regarding a  matter. When these items arise, I offer limited representation services to assist clients without the need to retain my services for all associated matters.

What is Limited Representation?

Limited representation means that I and my firm are only engaged for a specific part of your legal matter.   For example, perhaps your former spouse has filed a motion and you want help with the best way to respond.  Instead of representing you throughout the motion process, my firm would assist in developing a strategy and drafting the response.  Additionally, you could draft he response and my firm would review it and provide recommendations.

To learn more more about limited representation and find out if it is right for you, please to call me anytime.