Criminal Appeals – Representing Civilian Criminal Defendants Throughout Colorado and Military Members Worldwide

As a Colorado Springs criminal appeals lawyer, my criminal defense appellate practice consists of representing those who have been convicted of state and federal crimes in Colorado, as well as those who have been convicted in military courts worldwide. More about my military appellate representation can be seen here. 

A Highly-Experienced Criminal Appeals Attorney

Prior to starting The Saroyan Law Firm, I was a federal prosecutor and served as both a trial defense attorney and appellate defense attorney with the United States Air Force.  While serving, I was ranked as the # 1 Appellate Defense Counsel in the Air Force, and the # 4 Criminal Defense Trial Attorney, out of approximately 1200 officers.

I have personally handled and advised on 1000+ appeals, including cases before the United States Supreme Court.  These cases involved a broad range of criminal offenses, including, white-collar crimes, fraud, larceny, drugs, domestic violence, child abuse, sex crimes, and murder.  Because of my abilities and experience as an appellate counsel, I was chosen as an Adjunct Professor of Law for the United States Air Force Judge Advocate General’s School where I instructed trial defense counsel on appellate law.

Also because of my experience, when I left the Air Force I was hired by a federal appeals judge to be his senior legal advisor.  During that time, I witnessed firsthand how the chief judge and other judges thought, what they found persuasive and, more importantly, what they did not.  This provided me a good sense of what judges generally perceive, and allowed me to see “behind the curtain” as cases were heard and decided.

Call Me to Get Started and Learn How I Can Help

If you or a family member is looking for a highly-experienced criminal appeals attorney, I urge you to call me. After years of practicing criminal law, I know there are mistakes in virtually every trial.  Give me a call to discuss whether the mistakes in your case can help get your conviction overturned or your sentence reduced.  All initial consultations are free.

I accept appellate cases on a fixed-fee arrangement, so you know upfront how much your appeal will cost. For more about my appellate practice, please see the following links: