Post-Decree Modifications

Have circumstances changed since your divorce such that a modifying your divorce should be considered? If so, I can help.

There are a number of changes that may necessitate what are known as a “post-decree modifications” to a divorce agreement.  A post-decree modification is a court-approved change to existing agreements, such as those involving parenting time or the amount of child support to be paid or received.

While post-decree modifications need court approval, this process can be made easier if there is prior agreement for the change between the former spouses.

What Circumstances Can Lead to a Post–Decree Modification?

Post-decree modifications are usually sought because:

  • One of the parties loses a job or has a substantial increase in income
  • The financial needs of one or more children change, including changes in healthcare or educational needs
  • Issues concerning parenting arrangements that cannot be resolved between the parents
  • The possibility of a parent moving out of state or otherwise not being available as originally agreed
  • Other circumstances that were not foreseen or contemplated in the agreements

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