Public Defender Assistance Program

How Securing Unbundled or Limited Representation May Benefit You and Your Criminal Defense Matter

While I believe securing a private attorney is generally the best decision for assuring a complete and through defense, I also understand not everyone has the resources to do so.  Because of this, I developed the Public Defender Assistance Program.  In this role, I:

  • Review the facts and evidence in your case.
  • Independently formulate case strategies that I believe will best serve your interests and goals.
  • Advise you and your public defender of these case strategies.
  • If there is a disagreement between me and your public defender regarding the strategies, I meet with you both to discuss the various options. This allows you to question me and your public defender regarding the best way ahead. This critical step ensures you understand exactly what your public defender is doing, and why.
  • The creation of your case strategy includes my legal opinions as to which motions you and your public defender should consider, and whether a trial or a plea bargain makes sense.  If a trial is the best way ahead, I also provide my view on the best arguments to present in your case.

Why it Makes Sense to Use Both a Public Defender and a Private Attorney on a Limited-Representation Basis?

Public defenders are usually under an enormous stress and time crunch from carrying large caseloads. As a result, in most cases, they simply may not have the time or resources necessary to explore every avenue in a criminal defense matter.  Further, the public defender assigned may not have substantial criminal defense experience (including aspects of motion, trial, or appellate practice), and may not have experience in the crimes with which you have been charged.

The Public Defender Assistance Program helps in both of these areas.

Because I control my caseload, I can ensure that I have the time available to devote to each and every client.  Additionally, having defended more than 1,500 clients and being formerly ranked as the #4 Defense Attorney worldwide in the United States Air Force (in addition to having been the senior legal advisor to a federal chief judge), I have substantial experience in areas that are critical for ensuring a comprehensive defense for my clients.

The second reason it makes sense to use the Public Defender Assistance Program is reduced cost.  I understand that not everyone can afford a full defense, which can easily cost upwards of $5,000 for the simplest felony.  By utilizing the Public Defender Assistance Program, you substantially reduce your cost while still ensuring you are informed and involved in your own defense.

If you want to know more, please give me a call.  I offer free consultations and would be happy to discuss both your case and how I can help you.